Birthday presents

Feather necklace
Feather necklace+ feather earrings

Unicorn keydecoration

Sunglasses-holder. Made by my sister

Eyeliner, blush and lovely boxes

Magazines and sunglasses

Feather earrings

Hart-shaped Box

Ipod and iTunes cart

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you had a nice day? I enjoyed this day very much, because next week it's test-week and I don't have much time in this week. I have to make 11 tests... But I'll put the automatic-blogger on (here you can tell Blogspot when the post must be published). 
I had my birthday a few weeks ago and now I've time to show you my presents!
Enjoy it!

Love, Jolijn


  1. leukleukleuk allemaal! :)

  2. Wonderful presents! And happy belated birthday :D


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