I left my heart in London

Day 1.
I was very excited of course. The bus tour was not very special until we got on the train and arrived in England. We saw all the highlights from a distance and went to our hostel room. The beds weren't that good, but hey, Londen that's what it's all about!

Tower Bridge
Youth Hostel

Earls  Court Underground
Cute car. We saw thousands of them :)

Day 2.

On Tuesday we went to the centre of the town. First we used the underground to get there. We saw the Big Ben (Ok, the tower where the clock hangs), London Eye, Picadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, changing of the guards and we listened to a boys' choir. It was amazing and I really enjoyed it. Besides from that, the wheather was better than I could have hoped for. Oh, and after the Londen Eye we did a touristic boat trip over the Thames.

No explanation required. I'm truly in love with this tower.

Piccadilly Circus
Floating Duck at Piccadilly Circus.
Buckingham Palace.
Changing of the Guards. 

Those people have the worst job ever.
St. James Parc.
A piper on the London Bridge.
London Eye!
View from the London Eye.
Our amazing guide with the Tower Bridge. His accent was sooo cute.
Perfect picture moment. Big Ben, Houses of Parliaments, Red bus and the London Eye!

Here we ate Fish and Chips. It's called Poppies.
Day 3.

We went to the British Museam and saw mummies and old clocks and jewellery. After that we visited Covent Garden and Camden Town/Lock. It was busy but amazing too see. And everything was very cheap. After dinner (a big piece of pizza) we went to the Greyhound Races. 

Do you get this?
Camden Lock  Souvenir shop.
Day 4. 

Shopping time in Westfield! First we walked through a section with shops like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton. Fortunately we found the H&M and the New Look. I'll show my purchases later! After Westfield my feet hurt like there were nails in them. And I realised I had to visit St. Pauls for the whispering gallery. But it was worth it! In the evening we watched 'WE WILL ROCK YOU' in the Dominion Theatre. The voices were amazing!
St. Pauls.

Day 5. 

The last day already. We went to Harrods, but that was a bit boring. Only stuff you know you can't ever buy unless you become a millionaire. But then we visited Primark on Oxford Street. My day was saved! When it was time to go I was like: 'NOOOOO, I want to stay in London'. But I know for sure, I'll come back there. 

Last day in England. I miss you!

Ps: The quality isn't as good as you're probably used to, but that's because I couldn't take my parents' camera with me.


  1. Wauuuww, ziet er echt geweldig uit! Ik wil zóó graag een keer naar Londen!
    Liefs, Manon

  2. Mooie foto's zijn het geworden! Vooral die van de London Eye!

  3. Mooie foto's zeg! Ik wil nog steeds heel graag een keertje naar Londen!

  4. Ik ben zelf al een paar keer geweest maar wil mijn vriend zoooo graag nog een keer mee naar Londen nemen, wat een geweldige stad :)


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